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The CEDR Transnational Research Programme call for 2012 seeks “to significantly reduce risks to road workers with an objective of Zero Harm”. The BRoWSER project supports this objective by enabling national road authorities to understand how, when and where their workers (or people working for them) are harmed when working on the roads. This knowledge of how road workers are exposed to risk from accidents and road user error is essential for effective safety management as it allows the real risks to be managed rather than those perceived to be the problem.
In the scope of the project an initial baseline evidence pool will be built. It will enable national road authorities to identify, address and potentially eliminate risks to the health and safety of their workers. In parallel, knowledge of why accidents happen and whether this is influenced by the layout of road works will enable consideration of standards of works and their influence on road user safety.
The BRoWSER project will enable informed decisions to be made in both of these areas that will support delivery of the objective of Zero Harm while also enabling improvements in road user safety while approaching and passing through work zone areas on and adjacent to roads.

Expected Results

  1. Develop European Road Worker Casualty data framework
  2. Report road worker accident  statistics, 2013- 2014
  3. Investigate and report links between standards & accidents
  4. Provide tools for use by NRAs

Accurate, timely and consistent road worker accident data will help national road authorities to drive down road worker risk and monitor improvements in safety.